6 Best MP3 Player Apps for Listening Music While Running

A workout session is undoubtedly going to be tiresome and you need some distraction or motivation to keep going every day. There is no better thing than music to listen to while you are running and exercising. Music soothes the mind and keeps it engaged for running continuously without mental fatigue. However, not all MP3 player apps are suitable for runners and exercisers. Our team of experts has handpicked the best MP3 player apps for listening to music while running.

1. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular MP3 player apps in the world currently. One of the best things about Spotify is that it lets you use it on both Android and iOS devices. What makes this MP3 player app better than others is that it has a feature known as “Running”. It can automatically match the tunes with the jogging pace by using the accelerometer of the phone. However, keep in mind that this feature is defunct now.

It has come up with a workout playlist option from where you can make a vast selection. All you have to do is to go to your app and select Workout in the Search option. Spotify is one of the best streaming apps and it regularly comes up with updates. Another great advantage of having Spotify is that you can even use it for playing locally stored music.

It is available in both free and paid versions and the paid version will provide you with many options. Spotify has many built-in features that can easily identify popular music in your area and it can even support the podcast.

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2. Runtastic

For people who are looking to have an alternative to Spotify, Runtastic can be the ideal choice. It has a Running Stories feature that can provide you with perfect music while running. The Running Story is a blend of music and audiobook. It covers different genres like coaching, inspiration, Sci-Fi, and travel and the length is about 30 minutes.

Runtastic differs from other apps as it can be a perfect workout tracker. You can even analyze the training patterns, set goals, and join groups. With it, you will be able to perform challenges. Other features of the app include Activity Detail, Auto-Pause, Target Pace, and Training Plans.

Developed by Adidas, the purpose of this app is to stay fit by enjoying music. Runtastic is ideal for boosting your performance and it comes with exclusive content by some of the best sound technicians, storytellers, and musicians.

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3. Hit Your Run

Hit Your Run is completely free and you can download and use it without any cost. Having said this, you can say that Hit Your Run is not well polished when compared to other apps. However, you don’t have to worry about making any subscription.

It allows you to search music by BPM and you can even make your own playlist. The music is overwhelming and it can be perfect for people who love to dance while working out. Hit Your Run is ad-supported and it can increase your workout motivation. It has a high apk content rating and lets you use it with android devices that support more than 16 API. However, Hit Your Run is not available for iOS devices.

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4. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a perfect MP3 player app that lets you boost your performance. Even though it has an ugly interface, it comes with loaded features. You can use Poweramp music player in different formats as it supports hi-resolution audio. It comes with 64-bit processing so that there will be great music.

One of the best things about the Poweramp music player is that you can even go for or one-time license so that you will be able to unlock other features. Poweramp is undoubtedly one of the best music players for Android users. It even comes with themes that let you create your own interface. The app is fast, powerful, and efficient.

You will also be finding playback features like gapless playback and crossfade. The app also lets you create different types of playlists and it has Android Audio Support. Poweramp comes with customization settings, widgets, and tag editing. It even lets you download lyrics and lets you sing while listening.

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5. RockMyRun

One of the best features of RockMyRun is that it can automatically adjust the music with your heart rate or steps. The app is a popular BPM music app and it can also set the preferred beats per minute. With it, you will be able to find songs that can automatically match the type of workout.

However, this app has a maximum cap rating of 145 BPM. RockMyRun has many benefits and it has been verified by the Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center and other scientists. It helps to increase motivation while workout and lets you enjoy your workout session. You can even view performance stats and play, pause, or skip music.

We can say that RockMyRun is an ideal app for anyone who is looking to have a simple interface with amazing features. Just like Apple Health, this can seamlessly track while you are training. The app comes with thousands of stations by professional DJs. Moreover, you can even select from different genres and categorize them according to the type of music.

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6. Fit Radio

What makes Fit Radio a better health app is that it comes with three distinct tabs. This makes it one of the leading running music apps in the Play Store. The three tabs are for coaching, music, and running. With coaching, you can have access to recorded coaches that can be great for your work practice session. Whether it is performing an elliptical session, spinning, or outdoor run, it can coach you conveniently. It is also suitable for high-intensity interval training. The coach will automatically play music and can you can give motivational hints. The best thing is that 24 playlists for coaches come every week.

There is also the Music tab by curated DJs. It lets you stay fit with music by BPM and workout sessions. The best thing is that it lets you customize the intervals with 150 music (new) every month. This makes it ideal for new types of workouts. And finally, there is the Running tab. This can match according to the speed. All you have to do is to tap the Play button and then you are on the go. It can even tune when you are running.

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If you are a regular runner, you need to change your MP3 player app and you can select from these best music streaming apps we have handpicked. All these apps are tailor-made for runners as they have dedicated features specifically for runners. Our best pick is Spotify which can pick up the pace of the runner and play songs accordingly.

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